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o Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
o Must have a valid passport or be able to obtain one prior to the trip.
o Must be willing and able to attend required monthly language and cultural training meetings. o Must be willing to learn some basic Japanese to be used during the trip.
o Must participate in creating a group multimedia presentation.
o Must possess a great amount of curiosity, openness and willingness to trying new things.
o Must have a positive attitude.


o Completed two-page GTSEP application.
o Photo of yourself.
o Unofficial transcript from the school office that includes your cumulative GPA.

o Copy of your class schedule.

o One-page essay (typed or hand-written in Ink) answering the question "What is the value of traveling abroad?"
o One Letter of Recommendation from one of your high school teachers.
o A second Letter of Recommendation from either a teacher, counselor, school official or a community member who has

served as a mentor or supervisor to YOU. NOTE: Recommendation letters will not be accepted if written by a GTSEP committee member (i.e. Kermit Schrock, Gretchen Yoder-Schrock, Phil Robb, Pam Robb, Lauren Mantani, Chris Leong, Jessica Foley, Lisette Bourne, Marah Kuwada, Mekala Sheedy) Both recommendation letters must be signed (in ink) by the person writing the recommendation.

All items must be submitted in one sealed envelope by Friday, October 27, 2017 no later than 4 PM.

              2017-2018 GTSEP APPLICATION .pdf                   

                       Adobe reader is required to open this application.

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